Watching a movie has the powerful ability to transport you to another world, to make you laugh, cry and reminisce in ways that take you back to a particular time in your life. At Ridgeway Rise, we can offer residents a chance to sit back and enjoy their favourite film on a big screen with some refreshments. It’s the ideal opportunity to bring our residents closer together and for friends, family, and loved ones to spend time with each other making memories.

Our Activities Coordinator ensures that we offer a variety of viewing options and that there is a film for every resident; from black and white classics to old-fashioned westerns and more modern films. Our ever-growing library of films leaves residents spoilt for choice and looking forward to their regular cinema sessions. 

Amenities to Live a Fulfilled Life

Getting lost in a good movie is one of the simplest pleasures in life, and at Ridgeway Rise Care Home, we don’t believe that should ever have to stop. Enjoying a film, either on your own, with a fellow resident or a visiting loved one, can do wonders for residents’ mental and emotional wellbeing, not to mention the great impact it can have on their creativity, memory, and curiosity. Our cinema sessions are one of our most popular activities, which undeniably helps residents live a varied and fulfilled life.

Living Room

A Selection of Film Titles

From classic black and white films to action packed movies, our extensive library of film titles means there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Our wonderfully thoughtful Activity Coordinators ensure that the selection of films available are regularly updated and added to, so even our most regular cinema-goers have something new to enjoy. Whatever our resident’s favourite genres may be, we guarantee we have something that sparks their interest. 

Films on Wall

What Our Cinema Sessions Offer

It’s easy to see why our cinema sessions are one of the most popular activities at Ridgeway Rise Care Home. Offering the chance to sit back in comfortable chairs with an assortment of snacks, residents look forward to our regular film viewings and enjoy the social opportunities it presents.

A True Cinema Experience

Our Cinema Room is fully equipped and perfectly designed to allow residents to live a true cinema experience. From indulging in a favourite cinema snack, watching a film on the big screen and watching the latest blockbuster, residents have all they need to make the most of a true cinema experience.

A-Z Film Titles

Our ever-growing film collection is packed with classics, favourites and titles ready to be discovered by our residents. We welcome recommendations from both residents, their family and our staff, to make sure we have the best titles to pick from and that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

A Personalised Experience

We enjoy watching residents take a seat, relax and lose themselves in one of their favourite movies shown on the large projector screen. Sitting in a comfortable chair, armed with their favourite snack, ready to watch their favourite film, our Cinema Room can be completely tailored so residents can enjoy a truly personalised cinema experience.


Community & Companionship

We aim to make every day as interesting and as enjoyable as possible. By combining the highest quality of care alongside a variety of enriching activities, we are able to enhance residents’ wellbeing and sense of routine. We encourage our residents to try new things as well as continue with their favourite hobbies, meet new people and make use of all of the amenities our home has to offer. We operate as one big family here at Ridgeway Rise, whether you are a resident, a member of our team or simply just visiting for the day. We understand a great family makes a house a home; we facilitate residents so they are able to retain connections to their loved ones and enjoy the community and companionship of fellow residents and staff.

Comprehensive Care For All

We believe in looking after more than just the care needs of our residents. We aim to enhance overall well§§being, encouraging both active body and mind, by providing the highest quality of life for each and every individual who lives with us. Our experienced team understands the comprehensive care and assistance residents require to improve not only their health but also their quality of life. Ridgeway Rise Care Home delivers unrivalled care each and every day, set within a comfortable and safe environment where residents are able to enjoy the benefits of group living and independence.

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Get in Touch Today

We welcome any questions you have regarding life at Ridgeway Rise Care Home, any of the services or facilities available or the care we deliver. Our friendly staff are on hand to provide answers; get in touch today by calling 01793 378 872 or emailing Alternatively, you can complete the online Enquiry Form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you.